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Latest News:

Baby-kingdom.com ranked 2nd forum Category of “The Digital Media of the Year 2015.In 2013, we also awarded as 1st in Forum Category and 6th in Overall of “The Digital Media of the Year”, according to Marketing Magazine.

Consecutively award achievements show public recognition through different aspects.
Baby-Kingdom.Ltd continuous maintains and improves its services since establish, the company's efforts
could be reflected by awards achieved in various aspects.

Baby-Kingdom.com AND Education-Kingdom.com
Baby-Kingdom.com is a parenting portal created snice 2002, with around 400 forums for parents and parents-to-be to share parenting and entertaining information.
Education-Kingdom.com was launched especially for education and academics information. Existing member base is over 700,000 and the number increase steadily.

Public events and seminars
Apart from the virtual world, Baby-Kingdom.com dedicates to maintain great relationship with members. Events and seminars are often held for both parents and their kids to enjoy together. Last year, we had organized over 32 events, including seminars and competitions, with over 3000 participants had joined and
enjoyed a good time.

By combining various BK subsidiary websites and
mobile APPs, we maintain a steady member growth
continuously with existing member base over 700,000
in Hong Kong. Plus we are proud to approach over
2 million unique visitors, generating more than
100 million pageviews page month.

BK website and mobile APPs also established in Mainland
China and Taiwan, the existing member base is keep rising

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