Rainer Sip - Director, Operations

Rainer is an 8 year veteran of internet portal business and e-commerce solutions.

Previous positions include Project Manager for Hongkong.com [GEM: 8006] and Content Manager for China.com [NASDAQ: China] where he also served as Manager of Operations and was instrumental in building the technical and business infrastructure that attracted customers such as The Trade Development Council, TTG Asia, Dai Chong Hong, PCCW and many others. Rainer's operating experience includes managing operations, engineering, and product marketing and he has been involved with collaborations from incubators.

Over the years, Rainer has developed knowledge and experience with early stage companies distilling technology into products, as well as content/service syndication.

Rainer obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Clinical Psychology and Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Winson Chow - Director, Sales and Marketing

Winson brings over 6 years of sales experience in dotcom industry. He is also a co-founder of Mybaby.com.hk, a leading parenting portal in its time. Winson is responsible for Baby Kingdom's strategic planning. Over the past two years, he has been directly involved in efforts to design, build, and release Baby Kingdom on the Internet, brings a series of most popular forums to the parents via the Internet.

Prior to Mybaby.com.hk, Mr. Chow worked as a social worker. His experience also includes several years in executive and management positions with some non-profit making organizations.

Hang Lai - Application Architect

Hang obtained his Doctoral degree in Computer Science at the Loughborough University in UK.

Hang recently completed his doctoral thesis on Artifical Intelligence Image-Based Rendering at the Loughborough University in UK. Previously, he was an researcher and specialized in open source application development. He holds BS degree in Biology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as Master degree in Computer Science from LU.

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