The idea of building started in a chat where Winson and I was in the garage, discussing which baby car seat is the best in the market. We shared a common thought that there is no Chinese web site offered parenting information and saw there is a great potential in the parenting market. Winson himself is a father and agreed that a properly managed online community will be a great hit. We took the action immediately and created

During the two years of operations, Baby Kingdom has build up a massive number of members, as well as an impressive list of clients and deployed many promotion campaigns ranging from one man business to multinational brands. Most of them performed exceptionally well (see the credentials).

Baby Kingdom prides itself on the relationships it has built with its customers and strives to ensure quality of customer service and a high standard of work.

We believe success is made up of heart, discipline, and determination. In these years there are uncountable competitors who attempted to share our stakes. They forced us to perform better and today, we established a stronghold in the market and we will perform our utmost best to continue the success.

Over the last 2 years we keep the full number of time staffs to minimal plus a great number of quality part time staffs for optimal and responsive operation. Our professional staffs are able to handle projects of any size and complexity.

Rainer Sip
   Founding Partner of

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