Imagine living in a community where you know all the people around you. A community where you have multiple connections to people. When you have children their friends and schoolmates are the children of your friends. A community where if you notice a child struggling in their relationships with others it is not just acceptable to attempt to help the child, it is expected. If that doesn't work you are comfortable mentioning the situation to their parents. A place where the whole community really does help raise each child.

This is what we want to see eventually be. The would is too overcrowded and we foresee the life of upcoming generations will be harder than us. We created and hope to offer this piece of cyberspace to parents to share their valuable and unique ideas and help each others to raise their next generation in a better way. We are now reaching the entrance of the netopia, but we have to do much better to be part of it.

Imagine being part of a world-wide community which shares the Baby-Kingdom values and lives them.

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