Welcome to Baby-Kingdom.com (https://www.baby-kingdom.com/), a virtual gathering place for the net parents.

Baby-Kingdom.com was created in May 2002 as an internet-based company to serve the families of infants and young children. By combining the latest technologies and comprehensive contents supplied by our members, we strive to provide a premier parenting portal through the array of services and information we provide.

The target user of Baby-Kingdom.com can be described as the following: 25-40 year of ages, well educated (matriculated and above), female with 1-2 children, and a member of middle class family.

While other local-based parenting portals are still working on their member base, Baby-Kingdom.com has already maintained a member base of 280,000, which represents more than 90,000 families. At the moment Baby-Kingdom.com archives a daily pageview of 1,300,000.

Parenting is a family. We provide more than 400 discussion forums and our users contribute an average of 30,000 messages per day. As a user's website, we recognize parents as the experts and always appreciates their contributions to the Kingdom. Nowhere else will you find such proactive, passionate, and highly educated readers. In the pages of Baby-Kingdom.com you will find an environment of credibility, trust, and authority.

More than 280,000 people has signed up as a member of Baby-Kingdom.com, representing more than 90,000 families.

Everyday there are more than 80,000 unique visitors, viewing more than 1,300,000 pages in total. In other words, every single user has viewed 16 pages on average before s/he leaves the site.

There are more than 300,000,000 messages in our database, which mades Baby-Kingdom.com the one of the largest parenting resource on the planet. The daily contribution from our members is around 20,000.

The member base of Baby-Kingdom.com is growing strong, with a monthly increment of 2,000-3,000.

During peak hours (11am - 6pm), there are always more than 10000 concurrent users hanging on the site. The number of maximum concurrent user is settled at 3,000.

More than 45% of users will revisit Baby-Kingdom.com within 2 weeks.

About 93% of Baby-Kingdom.com's users are female and about 73% of Baby-Kingdom.com's users have at least one child in their families.

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