Baby Kingdom Environmental Protection Education Fund
Since founded in April 2008, Baby Kingdom Environmental Protection Education Fund (EPEF) has been devoting to advocate the rising awareness of environmental protection. Riding on different campaigns like “Little King Loves the Earth” school talks and “Hydroponics Strawberry in School”, we introduced the importance of environmental protection and green-living style to children, to build up their positive attitude in treasuring natural resources and assuming social responsibilities. In 2014-16, we had been to over 100 kindergartens and primary schools, with coverage over 25,000 kids.
Our annual event “Baby Charity Walkathon” was pioneered in 2012, which encourages citizens to maintain regular exercise habit and raise funds for promoting environmental protection, which had broken Guinness World Records twice in 2012 and 2013.

EPEF also holds other events irregularly including parenting workshops, gardening tour, book recycle events, online campaign and Aquaponics' system etc, so as to encourage public contribution in environmental sustainability and healthy living.

Cooperation with Charity and Non-Government-Organization(NGO)
We express our concerns to social vulnerable groups, charities and NGOs by sponsoring web banners and online advertisements with amount over 3 million annually, which benefited over 200 groups.

We also consider volunteer service as part of our company mission. Volunteer trainings and seminars are provided to encourage staff and their family to participate in volunteer works. A column “Voluntary Work Intelligence (義工情報)” is permanently set in our online forum, to share up-to-date volunteer opportunities with over 700 thousand members.

Maintaining Staff Work-Life Balance
We believe maintaining work-life balance is a win-win strategy to both our staff and business flourish. A “family-centric” philosophy serves as the core theme in policy formulation. A number of family-friendly practices are established to staff in different family positions, for example, paternity leave for fathers allows them to take care of their wives and babies, and flexible working arrangement is allowed due to family emergency.

To strengthen the bond between parents and children, we create the “Little Green Bean Day”, which children are invited to visit parents’ workplace and get a taste of their work. Also, one day of “Conduct Leave” is given to the staff whose child got Conduct Grade B or above in school report.

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